Belarus Digest provides non-partisan analysis of Belarus-related events written by Belarusians specifically for an English-language readership. Belarus Digest launched in 2008. Today our authors write on Belarus from Minsk, London, Boston, Berlin and Kyiv.  Belarus regime's conduct and poor reputation provides a fertile ground for all kinds of myths and speculations. Belarus Digest tries to de-mystify Belarus and write about what is actually going on in the country.

In 1965 the Anglo-Belarusian Society began publishing an annual - The Journal of Byelorussian Studies. Published jointly with the Centre for the Anglo-Belarusian Society the Journal is the oldest English language peer-reviewed periodical on Belarusian studies.The Journal was distributed annually to universities, libraries and private subscribers in the UK, the US, Belarus and other countries throughout the world. In addition to its articles on Belarusian literature, linguistics, history and art, each number of the Journal includes book reviews, a chronicle of current events, and a comprehensive bibliography for the preceding year. is a project of the Ostrogorski Center that initially emerged as the idea of translation of Belarus Digest articles into the Belarusian language. The project focuses on issues of foreign policy, security and society in Belarus. The authors seek to show the complex issues of Belarusian politcs in a simple and understandable form. At the same time, the articles follow high standard of analysis, and provide a balanced and evidence-based view of the political reality.

Belarus Profile provides up-to-date information about over 200 influential people from all walks of life in Belarus. Containing biographical listings of people who have an impact on life in Belarus, including politicians, opposition activists, civil servants, and notable figures from the academia, business, civil society, and other areas, its ambition is to become the most respected reference source with biographical information. Belarus Profile is built for biographical searching which makes it a valuable resource for anyone concerned with Belarus politics, economy and society. Each biography appears in Belarusian, Russian and English languages and contains basic personal information, details of education and career as well as relevant internet links.

 CIS Arbitration Forum is a collaborative project of scholars and practitioners focusing on dispute resolution involving countries of the former Soviet Union. It provides in-depth analysis of news, recent developments and cases of commercial dispute resolution practitioners and academics. The Forum serves as a platform for open discussion amongst legal practitioners and academics from Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union and their Western counterparts. is a joint project of the Ostrogorski Centre and Belarusian Research Council. The database contains about 400 research papers in the area of governance, foreign policy, security and social sciences.

Ostrogorski Academy is a nonprofit educational project dedicated to disseminating knowledge of the humanities. The academy is a Belarusian ‘online university’, based on a series of lectures on important and engaging topics. Each lecture series is read by well-known Belarusian academics and analysts based both abroad and in Belarus; courses also feature graphic illustrations, transcripts of lectures, e-books, podcasts, and links to additional sources of information.

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